B-Mack’s New Electro Acid Funk Commentary

B-Mack is the professional name of New York City singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Bruce Mack. Well known in the NYC underground music scene as a talented singer and bandleader, he routinely performs with a number of acts including; Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber, Melvin Van Peebles w/Laxative, Nubian Messengers, Tricky Dilemma, Eighty-Pound Pug and Rules Of Aquah. A former president of the Black Rock Coalition and founder of the original PBR Streetgang band of the 80’ & 90’s, Bruce is also the composer of the seminal hit “Chemical Pollution”.

Over the past six years B-Mack has released a steady string of solo material. Beginning with a series of singles in 2015, he eventually produced his debut full length album “Lo-Fi Exploits Of A Misplant On Shaolin.” A live EP followed in 2019. Now in 2021 Bruce is fresh from the studio with a brand new single. This time the insightful songwriter has delivered a hard bit of Metal/Electro-Funk social commentary lifted from this era’s particularly twisted headlines.

“Ugly Head” is the latest single and video from B-Mack, released worldwide to all major streaming services on March 8, 2021. The song opens on an old-school lo-fi Hip-hop beat. The heavy crunch of a 90’s Industrial Rock guitar joins the mix and B-Mack delivers a hard social commentary on the corruption of power and hate permeating our modern world. With prophetic poetic imagery and clever wordplay he calls to task those in power, and more importantly the masses who have allowed evil to run rampant in our system. In the chorus the track drops to a cool psychedelic funk groove a-la George Clinton’s legendary P-Funk

The song’s video features images of Trump and other ugly heads interspersed with scenes of worldwide strife and B-Mack rocking out with his band. They rap, rock and rip some smoking Acid Rock guitar solos in the trippy short film. Check it out below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the talented, eclectic and visionary B-Mack.






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