Kizkrash Rocks The New 8-Bit Dubstep YOLO


Kizkrash is the professional name of Keegan McBride, a California-based DJ and Dubstep producer with a new name and a new sound. He began his adventures in the genre in 2018. In the subsequent three years he found a home and an audience in the Dubstep community. However, he ran into numerous branding issues, being confused by fans and distribution systems with artists of the same or similar names.

Beginning with the stage name ‘Zombify,’ the artist ran through a series of titles before finding one that stuck. Previous monikers included Glitch-Hop experiments as Bam Bam and Baminboy. In 2020 he landed on the unique name Kizkrash and got down to creating a brand new wave of Dubstep grooves. Since then the prolific producer has released over a dozen new tracks with wide distribution and many more exclusively on his SoundCloud page.

“YOLO” is a recent single from Kizkrash, released to all major streaming services. The track mixes multiple EDM, Hip-hop and Electro-Pop styles for a catchy hook and memorable groove. At the heart of the mix is the hard bounce of a classic sawtooth analog synth bass. As that riff pulls us in, retro Synthwave and 8-bit electronic sounds paint the periphery. Meanwhile Keegan raps about a shallow soon-to-be Ex who is obsessed with material possessions.

Check out “YOLO” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dance playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Kizkrash. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the new projects coming from this talented and dynamic artist.

Video of DJ Funtcase reacting to “YOLO”

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