Dunte Official – No Dayz Off

dunte official

Dunte Official is a multifaceted emerging Hip-hop artist from Dallas, Texas. A talented young rapper, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist producer, he is a one man show. In a world of SoundCloud mumble rappers buying beats, Dunte is a real standout. From performance to mixing and mastering, he does it all himself.

Music has played a major role in Dunte’s life, beginning with the influence of his family. Both of his parents are singers, and his father is an established organist. Musical talent dates back generations in the artist’s family. For his part, Dunte began playing keys at just three years-old. After mastering the piano and organ the self-taught musician moved on to guitar and trombone. His musical prowess, combined with an appreciation for a  broad range of genres, lend a distinct sophistication and depth to his compositions.

“No Dayz Off ” is the new album from Dunte Official, released worldwide to all major streaming services on May 25, 2021. The seven song collection finds the artist exploring sounds and styles from across the spectrum of popular music and applying them to his distinct Hip-hop groove. All of the 808 beats, bass hits and Trap hi-hats one expects from the genre are there. However, in Dunte’s hands the bass lines are more melodic, the beats more intricate and the accompaniment is a rich mix of virtuosic musicianship.

The record opens with “Hangover,” a mellow downtempo groove with a beautiful classical guitar refrain. Lyrically Dunte pairs his rich musical tapestry with hard gangsta rap subject matter. For example, on tracks like “Gthing ” and “Typical” he drops violent imagery and Hip-hop posturing over intricate arrangements of cinematic keys, strings and synths. It is a great sound that demands attention.

“Real Life Shit” is a real highpoint on the record with its smooth melodic Jazz guitar and soulful vocal melodies. Meanwhile Dunte delivers a powerful narrative of some real life shit. These are personal and real stories of the life of a hustler. It just so happens that this guy’s hustle also involves writing and recording some really beautiful music. “Cowboy” combines classical harpsichord and flute vibes with more stories from the street.

The record ends on two soulful slow jams, but these aren’t love songs. “223 Baby ” is an ode to the singer’s Remington and features some really excellent piano playing. “No Way Never Again ” is a warning to all of the rappers haters set to a lush mix of piano, synths and an excellent bass line. 

The new album “No Dayz Off” by Dunte Official is a stylistically diverse, musically sophisticated and emotionally complicated record. His musical talents paired with hard learned street smarts makes for a fascinating listen. Check out the record in its entirety below. You can also hear the song “Cowboy” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Dunte and get in tune with this talented and fascinating artist on the rise.

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