Mike Gesus’ New EP – Win Win All 20s Long

Mike Gesus

Mike Gesus is an emerging Hip-hop artist based in Portland, Oregon. A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as a child he split his time between the two cities. Although he started writing music while still in High School, Mike just launched his professional career in November of last year. However, he is quickly making up for lost time with a steady string of singles and EPs in less than a year. To facilitate their production and promotion the enterprising artist and entrepreneur has launched his own record label, G Files Ent. 

“Win Win All 20s Long ” is the latest release from Mike Gesus and G Files Ent. The six song collection finds the artist pairing Hip-hop grooves with classic Soul and Funk tunes. The record opens with an introduction to the artist and his label. “G Files Ent” pairs a smooth electric piano riff with a low and slow Trap beat as the rapper sets the stage for the stories to come. Throughout the record he infuses his narratives with humor and sex. Both are particularly true of the song “Rough Like Xzema,” a graphic tongue in cheek NSFW rap set to a cool 70’s Soul groove and a Trap beat.

“I Remember” is a mellow downtempo diss track in which Mike Gesus shoots down a girl who had previously done the same to him. “Whole Lotta Drugs” is a real highpoint. The tune is a classic ensemble rap featuring guest vocalists Philthy Phil and Air Domo. The crew tells a hardcore but funny story of a party with, a whole lotta drugs. A nice old-school Boom Bap beat carries some great analog synths while the rappers do their thing. Mike G in particular drops an impressive, rapid-fire flow.

“RNA” is a bit of electronic psychedelia. Synthwave keys and trippy vocal effects deliver a tale that is one part motivation and one part science fiction. The record ends with an uplifting message. On “WWA2L ” Mike Gesus looks back at the terrible year that we just had and turns it around. He is committed to getting it done with a message to himself and all of us, “Get off your ass and quit stallin’ it’s time to get them stacks.”

Check out “Win Win All 20s Long” below. You can also hear the song “Whole Lotta Drugs” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Mike Gesus. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this prolific artist.

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