JD Lion’s New Soul Chill – Don’t Trip

JD Lion

We first heard from JD Lion in December of 2020 upon the release of his ambient instrumental holiday tune, appropriately titled “Holiday.” That track introduced readers of The Static Dive to music producer and veteran musician of stage and studio, Joe Devadanam. As a high-profile session drummer in the industry, Joe has had a two decade career of arena gigs and multi-platinum recordings sessions. You can read our interview with the artist here.

As producer and solo artist JD Lion, Joe plays a myriad of instruments and works in what he calls a “genreless” space. Since his debut in 2019 he had delivered a series of singles as well as the 2020 full length album “Born Out of The Desert.” He creates stylistically fluid, rhythmic, and melodically sophisticated instrumental music. Later this year Devadanam will release his brand new sophomore LP, “Evolve or Die.”

“Don’t Trip” is the first single from “Evolve or Die,” released worldwide to all major streaming services on June 11, 2021. Like “Holiday” the tune is of a theme. However, this time JD is not seeing a winter wonderland when he looks out the window. “Don’t Trip” brings the summer vibes with a funky bit of 70’s soul. Lush retro ambient synths are paired with cool modern downtempo Lo-fi Hip-hop beat. Meanwhile a smooth Funk bass and guitar set the mood firmly in the area of AM radios and polyester bell-bottoms. It’s a great vibe that transports us to a chill summer cruise up the PCH.

‘Don’t Trip’ is meant for people to take a breath, relax, and know it’s all good. This song was written obviously in the middle of the pandemic, and I meant this and many of the songs on EOD to be summer jams for when the world opened up. 

JD Lion

Check out “Don’t Trip” below. You can also hear the tune on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with JD Lion and get in the loop on the release of his upcoming album, “Evolve or Die.”

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