Comatose Red Ivy’s New Star Bright

comatose red ivy

Comatose Red Ivy is back with another genre-flipping experiment. We first heard from Ivy in May upon the release of the three singles “Fast Draw (Wild West Freestyle),” “Magic Carpet Ride (4 2 Freestyle)” and “Die Jason Die (Voorhees Freestyle).” Those tracks introduced us to a unique artist with a most original writing and recording style. A prolific writer, Ivy followed a week later with a Rock & Roll EP.

The lyrics and melodies on all of Comatose Red Ivy’s songs are completely improvised, and always recorded in a single take. The musical style shifts from Rock to Hip-hop and from Pop to Country. Lyrically the songs represent whatever topic is prominent in the singer’s mind when she hits record. The subject matter varies from humor to horror and often refers back to a disturbing event in Ivy’s recent history in which she barely survived a murder attempt.

“Star Bright (Nightlife Freestyle)” is the latest single from Comatose Red Ivy. Once again the adventurous artist explores different stylistic avenues. A Classical Music-infused Progressive Rock introduction sets a dark tone. Soon the mix of piano, guitar and strings meets a low and slow Trap beat. The tune continues on that groove with dramatic Rock and Classical accompaniment. Meanwhile Ivy delivers her stream of consciousness monologue. She slides in and out of subjects ranging from science fiction to fame and escape to suicide. 

Check out “Star Bright (Nightlife Freestyle)” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the always exciting Comatose Red Ivy.

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