NoBan Stream Provides Royalty Free Music For Streamers Of All Stripes

NoBan Stream
NoBan Stream Playlists Feature Hours Of Royalty-Free Music For Your Content

It’s no secret that live video streaming has exploded in recent months and years. There are tens of millions of streamers currently creating content on services like Twitch and YouTube. Video content creators all have one thing in common. Regardless of subject matter or format, videos need music. From Hollywood blockbuster films to live gamer streams, without music a show will lose viewers to dead air in seconds. Music makers of course want to be paid for their work as well, which creates a financial burden for the YouTubers and Twitchers who are already on a tight budget. That’s where NoBan Stream comes in. They are here to connect video creators to royalty-free tunes.

NoBan Stream is a free music streaming service that offers copyright-free songs. They connect streamers and content creators to high quality background and feature music with no strings attached. No need to worry about violating copyrights or getting DMCA strikes anymore. All of NoBan Stream’s music is royalty-free. The service just launched and already has hours of music available for use. With 14 featured artists and many more on the way they will be adding new music every month.

The company shares it’s music in a series of themed playlists available on all major streaming services. From the neo-retro electronic music of “Uplifting Synthwave” to the peaceful chillout sounds of “Piano Dreams,” they provide music for any mood. The folks at NoBan Stream shared with us their “Grind Till You Die” playlist, a collection of instrumental music specifically created for gaming streamers. The music ranges from Ambient Electronic to cinematic, Hollywood-style action. World music rhythms meet Pop hooks. Classical piano pieces are set to club-worthy House grooves, and hard techno beats back up high-octane progessive Metal guitar shredding. This is movie music made available to creators on any budget.

The music on NoBan Stream is completely free to use. There is no sign-up required, and subscription to be paid. Simply peruse their playlists. Once you’ve found the right sound for your project, it’s yours to stream as you see fit. Check out the “Floor 1: Grind Till Your Die” playlist below. You can also hear the track “Not a Noob” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with NoBan Stream. Check out their website and dig into the hours of royalty-free music they already have available.

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