Adam Marino’s Love Song From a Simpler Time

adam marino

Adam Marino is a singer, songwriter, actor and musician based in New York City. Originally from Rochester, NY, Marino launched his solo recording career during the lockdown of 2020. However, his passion for music began in college, where he studied Musical Theatre. The free time of quarantine prompted the singer to dive into the world of home recording. 

To date, Adam Marino has released four singles. As an artist he explores the history of Pop music in all its many forms. From the cinematic emotional piano ballad “Better” to the singer/songwriter acoustic Folk song “Bottom Line” and the 80’s inspired Pop/Rock of “Oh Babe,” Marino experiments in popular sounds from across the decades. 

“Beany Bean” was the debut single from Adam Marino, released near the end of 2020. We all dealt with that terrible year in different ways. Adam chose to revisit a simpler and happier time in American history, the 1950’s. It was the era of ‘Leave it to Beaver,’ poodle skirts and doo-wop singing groups. The latter is something Marino knows a bit about. He sings tenor in the modern day touring lineup of the legendary group The Diamonds.

His bandmates join him on “Beany Bean,” a classic Pop doo-wop. The track’s impeccable multi-part harmonies are paired with period-perfect accompaniment from Ben Covello (guitar & bass) and Brad Aiken (saxophone). The tune is a sugary-sweet love song that harkens back to an age when young men would bring their best girls for a night of dancing at the sock hop. Although the venues have changed in 2021, the sentiment on “Beany Bean” is very real.

I call my fiancé my Bean and I wanted to write a song about her!

Adam Marino

Check out “Beany Bean” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Songwriters playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Adam Marino. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of his current and future projects, both as a solo artist and with The Diamonds.

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