Craig Adam Johnston – After it All

craig adam johnston

Craig Adam Johnston is a singer/songwriter making is solo recording debut in 2021. In the short time since the release of his album “After it All,” Criag’s music has found its way into some high profile placements. His songs have been featured in television shows and commercials on both sides of the Atlantic and he has performed live on BBC radio and at gigs in support of artists like The Hoosiers & Beth Rowley.

These successes have not come overnight, however. After a nomadic childhood moving between the contrasting cultures of Glasgow and Bahrain, the Scottish musician moved to London to pursue a career in music. There he hooked up with famed Jamiroquai producer Mike Nielsen. The two worked together to create “After it All,” a nine song collection that explores the ins and outs of interpersonal relationships.

Musically, “After it All” is a beautifully recorded and performed collection of stylistically diverse Indie-Pop. The record is a rich mix of organic acoustic instrumentation and occasional electronic flourishes. From the warm, acoustic arrangements of tracks like “Fool” and “Made of Stone” to the quirky Talking Heads Alt-Pop vibe of “Faking Machine,” Johnston and Nielsen easily navigate the many alternate byways of modern popular music. 

The record dips into a cool bit of R&B Funk on the song “Stop,” and a U2-meets-Coldplay Alternative Rock feel on “Wherever I Fall.” “Two Words’ ‘ is a real highpoint with a slick acoustic Jazz arrangement and some really nice playing. Throughout the record Craig Adam Johnston wields complex, multi-part vocal harmonies as an effective songwriting and arranging tool.

Lyrically Craig Adam Johnston navigates the many highs and lows of romantic love, family and friendship. From Pop ballad torch songs like “Come Back” to the devotion of the self-effacing “Fool,” the singer opens his heart to share raw, authentic emotion. His narratives of joy, confusion and pain are made all the more real with the pairing of real, organic instrumentation. Craig’s perfectly radio-ready Pop tenor invites the listener to draw parallels in their own lives to his songs.

Check out the video for the song “Stop” below. You can also hear the track “Two Words” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Craig Adam Johnston. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the exciting music coming from this talented artist.

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