Embodied Havoc Set To Release “Who Am I”

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Embodied Havoc is an alternative Hip-hop artist based in San Antonio, Texas. He launched his career in 2020 in reaction to the insanity of a world gone wrong. Citing everything from society’s general lack of empathy to the COVID pandemic, the rapper struck back with Hip-hop. Since his debut “Obsessing” he has released a string of singles and EPs of his unique beats and clever rhymes.

The music of Embodied Havoc combines some traditional Hip-hop techniques and themes with his own distinct production style. Sampled and electronic instruments meet acoustic drums and found analog sounds. His rhymes use tricky turns of phrase, inside jokes and biting social commentary to deliver a narrative that is sometimes deadly serious, sometimes funny and often both. It’s a wild sound that lands somewhere between Alternative and Hip-hop.

“Who Am I” is the forthcoming new single from Embodied Havoc, scheduled for release on July 20, 2021. The artist was kind enough to share a preview of the track with The Static Dive. We can’t post it yet, but you can pre-order it here. Once again, EH has built the track around a cool organic beat. As acoustic drums and a synth bass set the scene, piano arpeggios, strings and even a ticking clock give the mix a cool melodic and experimental vibe. Lyrically, the rapper relays the details of a late night identity crisis as he sings, “Who I am supposed to be? And why do i feel empty?”

The song is about what happens at night when you’re trying to sleep after a long day at work. You could be thinking about insecurities or get random acts of inspiration. In this case it’s about insecurities. As you’re laying in bed, existing, you question your own existence.

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