Sage of Fire – Give You My Heart

sage of fire

Sage of Fire is the professional name of singer, songwriter and composer Vix Monpelier. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico the talented musician currently lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. With an avant-garde style and a distinct vision he creates experimental music with a genre-fluid psychedelic vibe that incorporates elements of Pop, Rock and Electronic music.

Vix cites a broad range of musicians as inspiration. The diverse list includes legendary artists like psychedelic rockers Led Zeppelin, 80’s Pop/Reggae greats The Police and Philly soul duo Hall and Oates. “Give You My Heart” is the most recent single from Sage of Fire.  Monpelier’s singular choice of distribution medium is in keeping with his unique approach to making music. The artist has chosen to forgo traditional streaming platforms for now and instead release his songs only to Instagram. 

He posted “Give You My Heart” on June 17, 2021. The song opens with a melodic acoustic guitar and ambient synths. The singer enters the mix with a dramatic Pop tenor as pulsing electronic bass notes, piano chords, strings and a lo-fi breakbeat come in and out of focus. Ultimately the track breaks down to a dark psychedelia featuring a heavily distorted bass guitar.

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