Wonder Waves – New York, New York

wonder waves

Wonder Waves is a new Indie Rock collective born out of lockdown. During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the absence of gigs, members of popular Indie bands Hot Hot Heat, Fur Trade, Mounties, and Fake Shark got together on a nightly basis to jam on feel-good Pop and Rock classics. 

As the world began to open back up, the members of Wonder Waves decided to record some of their favorites from those late night quarantine sessions. To preserve the memory of that unique time and to share the positive vibes of the project, they are now releasing the tracks to the public. Their first single is exactly the uplifting message we all need right now.

“New York, New York” is the debut single and video from Wonder Waves, released worldwide to all major streaming services on June 4, 2021. Their modern take on Frank Sinatra’s classic is three minutes of love for The Big Apple. New York was the early epicenter of the pandemic in the US. Throughout much of 2020, heartbreaking news footage of empty city streets and overrun hospitals across all 5 boroughs was a daily reminder of the dire situation we were all suffering through. 

Contrast that with the “New York, New York” video which features present day scenes of actor Taylor Brandon dressed like a member of the Rat Pack and riding his bike wide-eyed through gorgeous scenes of New Yorkers enjoying all that the Greatest City on Earth has to offer. Musically the track grooves on a funky mix of analog and electronic bass, percussion and ambient keys to create a moving and heartfelt tribute. It is beautiful.

Check out the “New York, New York” video below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Wonder Waves. Get on their profiles and get in the loop on all of the future releases from this Indie Rock supergroup.

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