The Crow’s Outrageous New Comedy

The Crow

The Crow is an independent rapper from the town of Penrith in New South Wales, Australia. He specializes in the absurd and offensive. Like a modern-day Hip-hop John Valby, he writes the lyrics that you may be thinking but would never say. To date he has released four videos to his YouTube channel, each more raunchy than the last. His latest single is easily his most outrageous of all.

I Came to C*m” is the latest single and video from The Crow, released worldwide to YouTube, Apple Music and Amazon on June 23, 2021. And yes, the asterisk stands for what exactly the letter you think it does. In the video The Crow plays through various scenarios in which he can find a young lady with whom he may achieve sexual congress. Over a hard Trap beat he drops some clever and thoroughly crude rhymes describing his intentions, as well as the biological details of the subject at hand.

The Crow represents the dark part inside all of us. He says the things we wish we could say, but in this political climate, we are all too afraid to say.

The Crow

Check out the video for “I Came to C*m” here. (YouTube does not allow embedding of age restricted content). You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Be warned, it is not in any way intended for polite company. If you are easily offended, it may be best to pass. However, if you like your comedy crude, then you will no doubt enjoy his show. And, subject matter aside, the guy can rap. Follow the links below the video to connect with the artist. Get on his socials, and get in on the joke.

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