ENiAM’s Double Shot Of Positive Vibes


ENiAM is a genre-fluid 5 piece ensemble from the very groovy music town of Portland, Maine. They’re a band with a plan to uplift and elevate. Driven by their philosophies, the group is all about fostering unity through the harmony of music. They connect with their fans on a visceral level, with a jam-band style and general hippie vibe of peace, love and understanding.

We first heard from the band in February of this year when they debuted their positive energy with the laid-back Funk of the track “Up.” That song introduced us to a group of Psychedelic Jazz fueled musicians, some self-taught and some trained at Boston’s prestigious Berklee school of music, with a mission to elevate.¬†On June 25, ENiAM returned with the double single; “Becoming” & “Plank.” The band has modified and expanded its ranks since their debut. Vocalist Iris Caj and guitarist Alex Denny have joined founding members Elliott (drums), Colin (bass) and Rev (keys, vocals) on their musical journey. Each brings their own unique flavor to the band’s chill.

“Becoming” rolls on a low, bluesy downtempo bass riff and drum groove. The mix of Rev’s electric piano and Denny’s chorus-soaked guitar give the track a Led Zeppelin “No Quarter” feel. Meanwhile Iris Caj delivers a soulful Jazz meditation on personal growth. Her performance brings to mind the dark and moody early-Portishead stuff. “Plank” has a loose feel. That’s for good reason. The song is a mostly improvised take born out of one of the band’s jam sessions. Rev sings and raps a stream-of-consciousness lyric over a chill funk.

Plank was one of those things that just happened. Honestly it was a practice where we were having fun and trying to create new things.


Check out both songs, below. You can also hear the song “Becoming” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below the music to connect with ENiAM. Get on their socials and get in on the positive vibes of this talented and adventurous band.

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