Deano Died’s Melodic Trap Debut “Lighthouse”

deano died

Deano Died is an up and coming Hip-hop artist from the United Kingdom. Born and raised in East London, the rapper recently made his solo professional recording debut with a catchy, genre-fluid vibe. The multi-talented singer, songwriter and emcee has a unique sound that combines Trap beats with a Rock attitude and keen Pop sensibilities. The fast-rising star is poised to draw the attention of the Hip-hop world.

“Lighthouse” is the debut single from Deano Died, released worldwide to all major streaming services on July 2, 2021. The song opens on a soulful vocal intro and percussive guitar arpeggios that tap out an infectiously catchy Pop hook. Those syncopated chords continue as the beat drops. The track rolls on a mellow Trap groove with circling and complimentary melodies. Subterranean bass tones hold down the bottom. 

Meanwhile Deado Died slides smoothly between a melodic rap and singing. He’s had too much to drink and finds himself trying to convince his girl that they could have, “a future brighter than a lighthouse.” He wants her to give him another chance after he previously pushed her away. It’s a confessional Emo rap, marked by clever rhymes and multiple memorable melodies. 

Listen to the track “Lighthouse” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Deano Died. Get on his profiles and get in the know on this exciting new Hip-hop artist. Stay up to date on all of the great new music he has in store for the coming months.

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