PsychCloned Explores New Sounds On “Showtime”


Regular readers of The Static Dive are well acquainted with Gabriel Pureco, a/k/a PsychCloned. In March we featured the multicultural musical mix of his album “Sakura.” That record introduced us to a creative and adventurous composer and producer with a taste for complex, non-traditional arrangements and a genre-fluid attitude toward his own music.

Last week PsychCloned debuted his new single “Reach For The Stars.” That track was a Classical and Jazz-infused inspirational instrumental. It was also the advance single for his new album. That record is “Showtime” and it is now available via all major streaming services. Released on July 9, the album finds Gabriel exploring previously uncharted worlds of sound with a more guitar-centric music. As such, he includes numerous flavors of Rock & Roll into the record’s mix.

After the opening song “Reach for the Stars,” the album’s title track maintains the cinematic feel at first with a melancholy piano ballad. However, soon the song transforms into a Mariachi-style Latin cowboy groove. Then the record takes a fun 3-song detour into Rock & Roll terrain. “Runaway Heist” is a Seattle-worthy Grunge rocker. Ultimately, after an extended drum solo, the tune morphs in to a smooth Jazz jam. “Lunar Eclipse” has more of an 80’s Art-Rock feel. Its complex arrangement eventually finds its way to a laid-back experimental jam. “Breaking the Limit” is a fun track, mixing a classic Punk bass with ambient synths, and Yngwie Malmsteen-style melodic guitar shredding.

“Dreamer” opens with some hard rocking guitars. However, shortly thereafter the song takes a turn into New Age music with soft and atmospheric piano and synths. The track slowly builds into an instrumental power ballad featuring some really nice guitar playing. From the many emotional moods of the first six tracks on “Showtime” we slide into the dreamy guitar/synth piece “Floating with the Clouds.” The record ends on the upbeat Latin Country groove of the appropriately titled “Summer Jam.” Here Gabriel is working with a full band. They effortlessly deliver a fun, upbeat Summertime acoustic/electric jam.

Listen to “Showtime” by PsychCloned below. You can also hear the songs “Reach for the Stars” and “Floating with the Clouds” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below the music to connect with PsychCloned. Get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this talented producer and composer.