South Grit Vibe Rocks The Red Dirt Country

south grit vibe

South Grit Vibe is an original independent Country Rock band from Texas. Based in Corpus Christi, the group specializes in the Texas Red Dirt sound. Traditionally, Red Dirt music is a hybrid of Country, Rock and Americana from artists living in regions of Oklahoma and the area south of the Red River in Texas. It is a loosely defined musical style that can vary from artist to artist and town to town. The common thread among them however is the attitude, creativity and willingness to combine multiple genres and subgenres of music with a distinctly Southern edge.

In the case of South Grit Vibe, that adventurous artist spirit manifests itself in an immediately familiar radio-ready sound that combines Classic 80’s Rock with modern and Outlaw Country. The band lists artists like Cross Canadian Ragweed, Ryan Bingham, ZZ Top and Tom Petty as inspiration. We can hear their influence in the group’s Guitar and Synth centric mix of Blues riffs, Country twang and Pop sensibilities.

“Livin Lovin and Leavin” is the debut 4-song EP from South Grit Vibe. Released worldwide to all major streaming services on February 19, 2021 the record is a solid testament to the unique Red Dirt groove of Mark Toler (vocals, rhythm guitar), Drew Jabsen (lead guitar), Paul McCollum (bass) and Brian Tschoepe (drums). In the great Country tradition, the record tells four tales of heartbreak, love, loss and wild times. From the defeated drunk and dying cowboy of “The Breakdown ” to the wild partying heroine of “Fire and Gasoline,” Toler sings of real people with real lives. 

Musically the record rides on mellow, downtempo beats, moody ambient synths and a cool mix of Blues and Americana guitar. As Mark pines for lost loves and past parties on tracks like “Faded Photographs” and “That Old Shirt,” Jabsen delivers soulful lead guitar licks over low grooves that conjure images of smoky late night barstool confessions. With equal parts Waylon Jennings and Bruce Springsteen, the South Grit Vibe sound is sure to connect with fans across the spectrum of Rock and Country.

We just want to make simple and pure roots type Country Rock that people might enjoy listening to when they need a break from this crazy world we live in

Mark Toler

Check out the “Fire and Gasoline” video below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with South Grit Vibe. Get on their socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this talented new band.

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