Ngozi E Michael’s New Musical Journey

Ngozi E Michael

Ngozi E Michael is a singer/songwriter who only recently found her muse. Although she has been a lifelong fan of music, it wasn’t until the global COVID-19 pandemic that she was inspired to put pen to paper and capture her thoughts on tape. Born in Igboland in Biafra, West Africa, Ngozi is now a US citizen where she is a practicing nurse. Working on the Corona front lines prompted her to compose the touching song “Goodbye Corona.” That experience launched a musical journey that continues today.

Since her debut single, Ngozi E Michael has released six more tracks. Specializing in classic contemporary Pop ballads, her music is inspired by real events in her own life. Although she is currently studying piano, the singer had no previous musical training when she began this creative endeavor. For each song, Ngozi first composes the lyrics and melody and then searches online for a producer to provide a suitable backing track. Her lyrics and melodies are inspired by her deep personal convictions, faith and love of family. 

Most of Ngozi E Michael’s songs are fueled by her devout religious beliefs. The song “Burial Ground Treasure” is a hopeful prayer asking God for guidance in finding and fulfilling her true purpose in life. She was inspired to write it after listening to a moving sermon on the subject by Dr. Myles Munroe in which he referred to a cemetery as being the richest place on earth, because of all the unrealized potential of the people buried there.

I Am Calling You Papa, I’m in Trouble” came from a similar epiphany in which the singer was living through a difficult time in her life and sought God’s guidance. She is certain that he heard her prayers and answered. That infallible devotion to her faith led to the subsequent single “Be Still and Know that I am God.” Someone asked her if she believed in God and questioned whether or not he really answered prayers.

I asked the person if she could see the air that she was breathing, she said no, but you know there’s oxygen and that you are breathing it. I told her I believe in God because whenever I call him, he answers. 

Ngozi E Michael

The track “Biafra Restoration” is a song directly inspired by a political movement in Ngozi E Michael’s home country. As a result of the influence of British imperialists and a 1967 civil war, Biafra is currently considered part of the country Nigeria. The oppressed Biafran people have been fighting politically for their freedom ever since under the umbrella of the Biafra Restoration movement.

The music of Ngozi E Michael is art at its most personal. She does not create to find fame or fortune or to impress anyone. This is music made for the sake of healing, understanding and connection. Ngozi writes and sings because it helps her make sense of the complicated mess that we human beings call life. Listen to her songs here. And watch the “Goodbye Corona” video below. You can also hear the song “Biafra Restoration” on the Deep Indie Songwriters playlist. Click the links below the video to connect with the artist. Follow along as she continues her journey.

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