Pink is In – A New View Of An Ancient Custom

pink is in

Pink Is In is a new beauty salon in Chicago specializing in natural beauty processes, wellness, luxurious health and hospitality. To promote one of the services of the salon they have teamed up with music producer Hetal Patel and singer Supreetha to produce a new single and video celebrating the Hindu ‘Half Saree’ coming-of-age ceremony.

The ‘Half Saree’ is a traditional Hindu ceremony which celebrates the first time a girl puts on a saree (or sari). The garment is a symbol of womanhood in Hindu tradition. When a young girl becomes physically mature she undergoes the ceremony and thereafter will wear a half-saree. Once she marries she will don a full-saree.

“Pink is In (The Half Saree Song)” is an empowering view of the tradition and of womanhood in general. In lyrics that alternate between Hindi and English, Supreetha addresses the issues women face like body shaming, equality and self expression. She delivers a modern view of an ancient tradition as she sings, “I do it for myself. I’m not your princess. I’ve grown into a woman and I’ve never been less.” Meanwhile, a cool guitar and bass groove rides a Hip-hop beat with elements of Trap and Lo-fi.

Check out the video for “Pink is In (The Half-Saree Song)” below. Follow the links below the video to connect with the all new ‘Pink Is In’ beauty and wellness salon. Get on their socials and get in the loop on all of the beauty and lifestyle services they provide.

Singer: Supreetha
Lyrics: Ayman Amjad
Music: AR Viralz
Producer: Hetal Patel

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