DJ Chemlyte’s New Beats & Dancing Saxophone

DJ Chemlyte

DJ Chemlyte is the professional name of DJ, composer and music producer Zilvinas Lapelis. The German producer works with artists around the world to provide distinctive beats and backing tracks. The DJ prides himself on creating his own unique sounds and samples to create original beats, the likes of which have not been heard previously.

In addition to his work as a producer for an international clientele of rappers and singers, DJ Chemlyte has also created an impressive catalog of his own work. Over the past year the prolific producer has dropped new EDM tracks weekly to his SoundCloud page. He also frequently performs live stream events for his fans. Now that the world is opening back up, Zilivinas is looking forward to performing on the festival circuit.

“Dancing Saxophone” is the latest track from DJ Chemlyte, recently released worldwide via SoundCloud and YouTube. With its exotic mix of instruments and Progressive House groove, the track is an excellent example of the producer’s unique sound. The track opens with a driving four-on-the-floor beat. Gradually, the mix builds to include Middle Eastern infused percussive stringed instruments and the dancing saxophone of the song’s title. The occasional addition of acoustic drums to the beat adds a nice Jazzy touch. 

Check out the video below of DJ Chemlyte’s live stream of “Dancing Saxophone” below. You can also hear that track and dozens of others on his SoundCloud page. Prior to working as a DJ, Zilvinas Lapelis served his country for 20 years as a decorated member of the military. Follow the links below to join him as he continues his new journey into the world of music.

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