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Vior is the professional name of emerging Hip-hop artist Christian Viera. Born and raised in suburban Coatesville, Pennsylvania he grew up idolizing Hip-hop giants like Jay-Z, Drake, Pnb Rock and Meek Mill. To pursue a career in the music industry was a dream of the young rapper. In 2018 he was finally able to focus all of his energy on his own original music.

Over the past four years the prolific Vior has delivered three full length albums, three EPs and a steady string of singles. In that time he has connected with tens of thousands of Hip-Hop listeners worldwide. Fans have reacted to his positive energy and chill beats. His versatile technique finds the rapper regularly sliding easily from a smooth melodic flow to chopping rhymes and old-school lyricism.

An ambitious artist and entrepreneur, Vior launched his own record label “We On Everything” as a home to his many creative projects. He has worked with heavyweight producers like Marvlus and Chef Pasquale, the team responsible for many of Pnb Rock’s hit records. With the drive and talent to reach a wide audience, Vior envisions a near future in which he will put his small hometown on the Hip-hop map.

“What Better Time Than Now” is the latest album from Vior, released worldwide to all major streaming services on July 16, 2021. The record’s title and the energy that flows through it are indicative of the rapper’s intent to bring that envisioned future into the present. The 12 track collection finds the versatile artist exploring the many aspects of his unique sound. He moves through laid-back rap beats and Latin-tinged summertime dance grooves.

The record opens with “Know What It Means,” Vior’s downbeat anthem to the grind. The track’s introspective lyrics and an R&B melody showcase his unique flow and writing style. He then turns his melodic rap toward the Caribbean groove of “Green Light.” Its a sound he returns to later in the record on tracks like “Spicy,” “Whatchu Want” and the lovelorn Spanish guitar of “Angelina.” 

Love and relationships are recurrent themes on tracks like the dark and meditative “No Issues” and “Waste Your Time.” The latter features some really impressive rapid-fire rhymes. Elsewhere on the album Vior takes us into some trippier territory. The album closes on a trio of psychedelic Trap jams. “7am in Cali” rides on a spaced-out West Coast beat. The song’s laid-back vibe is the perfect intro for “New High,” a cool sort of motivational stoner rap. The record ends on “2 Infinity,” a dark view of a complex relationship, set to a slow Trap beat and minor-key ambient synths.

Check out the video for the album’s current single “Past Life” below. You can also hear that song and “New High” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Vior. Get on his profiles, listen to the album and get in the loop on all of the great music to come from this talented young artist.

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