Producer Volléstad Releases New Summer Single, “Night Fever”


Oslo, Norway— Setting summer up for more boat gathering and day parties, Norway Producer Volléstad’s new track, “Night Fever,” ignites a new meaning to a summer fling with an electric touch and playful lyrics. The song features two lead vocalists, talented pop artist Larakay and rapper Skrilla. With direction from Volléstad, “Night Fever” evokes the best part of falling in love in the summertime. Included in the track is exceptional bass from Miami-based and Grammy Nominated Mark Corradetti, who channels a wide-ranged sound of feel good beats and bonfire vibes.

Drawing inspiration from other artistry such as Dua Lipa, Calvin Harris, and Daft Punk, this sound offers a kick-off to the summer season and a love-sick narrative worth exploring. While we all remember that once summer romance from back in the day, this track presents the exciting journey of connection. It’s not only about the process of getting bit by the love bug but catching an uncontrollable fever that leaves you feeling on top of the world. The initial infatuation may have you spinning with scenarios of the future, but there’s nothing that will swiftly cure your night fever and keep you from those enamored feelings. Discover a new song that gets you moving and reminds you of the blissful beginnings of a summer romance. When the lights go down, and the LED lights start to strobe, you’ll be grabbing your lover on the dancefloor for an evening of pure enchantment.

With a back and forth banter between the vocals of Larakay and Skrilla, the pair draws a deeper connection that holds a mystery of whether or not it’ll last past the temperatures. Alongside the background sounds of Volléstad, the blend of pop and rap sounds tells a love story that makes you wish summer lasted all year long. The upbeat vibrations and beaming lyrics promote the fairytale that everyone wants on a hot summer night, a fever of uninterrupted love. Volléstad’s music makes you forget about the consequences and sets your sights solely on what’s right in front of you. Combining the exceptional talents of notable artists with rhythms to match, this track is the perfect way to let your heart free on the dancefloor. Even if it doesn’t last to the next season, you’ll hear this song and be transported back to that moment in time where nothing else mattered but the music.

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Producer Volléstad Releases New Summer Single, “Night Fever” 1