Le Ron’s New Ode To The Grind

le ron

Le Ron is an East Coast rapper from Albany, New York who came up in the Golden Age of Hip-hop. He’s been making music since 2004 and in 2021 he debuted his new solo sound with the hit single “Voicemail.” That track introduced an innovative Hip-hop artist with a smooth technique, clever rhymes and a sound that combines an old-school attitude with creative and experimental modern production techniques. The song has already connected with fans around the world, racking up tens of thousands of streams across multiple platforms.

“Stack it Up” is the latest single from Le Ron, hitting all of the major streaming services on July 30, 2021. The track is the B-Side follow-up to “Voicemail.” The song opens on looped percussive and melodic Japanese koto playing over a low rumbling bass. Soon the beat drops with a cool mix of new and old-school with Trap sounds and a Boom Bap rhythm. With a classic Hip-hop freestyle flow and a laid-back vibe, Le Ron delivers his motivational ode to the grind.

Check out the video below of Le Ron discussing the new single and all of his plans for the future. Click Here to preview the track. “Stack it Up” will be available worldwide via all major streaming services on July 30, 2021. Follow the links below to connect with this exciting and talented artist. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the great music his current and future projects, including his forthcoming debut EP.

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