K4M & Groovy Ride A New Wave


K4M is an emerging Hip-hop artist from Oklahoma. Over the past year the prolific rapper has released a series of singles via his YouTube channel, dropping a dozen tracks in as many months. Since releasing his debut single “June 26th,” he has amassed a steadily growing following. Hip-hop fans around the world are starting to take notice. Popular songs and videos like “Wait My Turn,” “Overkill” and “Stone Cold” count their streaming numbers in the thousands. 

In recent months K4M has been working with his producer ‘Groovy’ to develop and refine a brand new sound. The most recent product of that collaboration is the new chilled track “New Wave,” released worldwide to YouTube on August 1, 2021. Musically and Lyrically the song set a cool, hypnotic vibe. 

“New Wave ” opens on an ethereal bed of ambient synths. Trippy vocal samples spin in the periphery. Soon the beat drops and the track slides into a smooth downtempo Trap groove. K4M enters the mix with a melodic Emo rap narrative. He recounts a series of anecdotes about hard times from the past before turning the mood around in the chorus with an optimistic look toward the new wave of his future. 

Check out “New Wave” below. Follow the links below the video to connect with K4M and Groovy. Get on their profiles and get in the loop on all of the great music to come from this talented Hip-hop duo.

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