James Ethington III’s New EP Has a Modern Vibe & A Classic Sound

James Ethington III

James Ethington III is an independent singer/songwriter from the small town of Alamogordo, New Mexico. Six years ago, he first picked up the guitar in search of a healthy way to cope with anxiety and depression. Since then, his musical journey has led him across the United States. He honed his singing and songwriting skills while busking on the streets of cities like Santa Monica, California and Austin, Texas. A lifelong lover of music, his unique sound is a product of eclectic tastes. James cites the inspiration of artists ranging from The Temptations to Nirvana. We can hear their influences in his soulful vocals, thoughtful lyricism and clever post-modern sensibilities.

“Rheacycle” is the debut EP from James Ethington III. The five song collection is an intimate and infinitely listenable introduction to a talented and versatile artist. The record is the perfect showcase for songwriter’s unique ability turn his deeply personal narratives into universally relatable tales. He delivers autobiographical lyrics with a natural melodic sense that pulls us in and finds us singing along as though we were right there with him as the stories happened. Tracks like “Looking Glass” and the excellent “Becca” feel like we’ve known them for years. 

Produced and recorded by Eric Gubala of Beacon Hill Recording Studios in El Paso, Texas, “Rheacycle” pairs James Ethington III’s smooth and soulful Pop tenor with an 90’s-style Alt-Folk, Indie-Pop sound. Natural, unadorned acoustic arrangements meet lo-fi Hip-hop beats and a tasteful use of occasional backing vocals. The record features some really nice guitar work throughout.

James embraces the strong 90’s influence in his music with some cleverly placed references to pop culture icons like the similarly styled band Counting Crows and TV shows like ‘The Wonder Years’ and ‘Boy Meets World.’ However, the record is no throwback. Throughout the EP the singer plants these songs firmly in the present. Tracks like “Rheacycle Intro,” “Art of My Life” and “Sexy.Juicy.Bouncy” feature lyrical and stylistic flare that could only be born of the 2020’s. This is the sound of a talented young artist with keen Pop sensibilities, a touch of Rock cynicism and a poet’s pen. 

It’s funny how memories don’t age like we do.

James Ethington III – “Becca”

Check out the entire “Rheacycle” below. You can also hear the track “Becca” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with James Ethington III. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the music to come from this talented artist.

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