Guilherme Cosme Exorcises His Demons

guilherme cosme

We first heard from Guilherme Cosme earlier this year with the introduction of his band Mary Bleeds. The Irish group released their debut album in August. Theirs is a dark, Post-Punk Alternative Rock style with psychedelic improvisational vibes. At the heart of their sound is the low, brooding tenor and psychologically layered poetry of Cosme.

Simultaneous to the release of his band’s album, the prolific singer has also released his debut solo EP “Demon.” The two records are an interesting pair. With Guilherme on the mic for both records, they share similarities in lyrical style and vocal delivery. However, musically “Demon” does away with the standard Alternative Rock guitar/bass/drums arrangement in favor of a stark and hypnotic mix of acapella ruminations and sparse piano accompaniment.

The five song record is an emotionally layered mix of dark meditations. Guilherme Cosme writes deeply personal narratives and stream-of-consciousness contemplations. From the angst-ridden dread of the opening track “Lungs,” to the violent visual imagery of “Paranoia” and the painfully real take on depression of the closing track “Doubter,” Cosme delivers a brutally honest piece of work. 

Guilherme Cosme was born and raised in Brazil. He began writing music and poetry in his teens. As a singer he was influenced by rockers like Layne Stayley as well as Jazz greats like Andy Bey and the legendary Nina Simone. On “Demon” he wields those influences into a dark and dramatic sound that bravely exposes his own personal fears and vulnerabilities. In both substance and style he is a complex and dynamic artist.

“Demon” is available worldwide on all major streaming services, watch and listen to the entire EP below. You can also hear the song “Lungs” on the Deep Indie Songwriters playlist. Click the links below the video to connect with Guilherme Cosme. Follow his profiles and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this talented and dynamic artist.

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