Tony Mecca On Life, Love & Fractured Poetry

Tony Mecca On Life, Love & Fractured Poetry 1

For the better part of the past two decades, Tony Mecca has been travelling the Northeastern United States, telling stories. Incessantly touring from his home in Philadelphia to DC, New York City and all points in between, he and his band the Heavy MeNtal Gypsies have developed a loyal regional following. In that time Tony has also released six albums and a series of singles, expanding his fan base well beyond the Mid-Atlantic. His music has found acolytes around the world through streaming services, radio play and a number of licensing deals for film and television.

“Fractured Poetry” is the latest album from Tony Mecca, released worldwide to all major streaming services. The 15-track record showcases Tony’s broad scope of style and substance. Working within the standard Rock & Roll framework of guitar, bass, drums and keys he presents his tales of love, loss and life with a style that lands somewhere between Americana, Pop and Classic Rock. 

The record opens on the guitar Rock vibe and quirky lyrics of “Fun House,” introducing an airtight Rock ensemble and an adventurous songwriter with a quick wit. Over the course of the album his lyrics alternate from complex poetic imagery (“Fractured Poetry,” “God in My Town”), wistful nostalgia (“Back in Time”), upbeat love songs (“Just a Little While”) and everyman philosophical observations (“No One Ever Gets What They Want”).

Musically, Tony Mecca’s sound is a rich mix of Pop and Rock styles from across the decades. From the thinking-man’s Elvis Costello-style Alt-Pop of tracks like “Lonely Lisa” and “The Best Laid Plans” to Springsteen and Tom Waits inspired dark psychological examinations like “Truth or Fiction” and “The Dark Side of Love.” Tony wears his influences on his sleeve while molding them into something uniquely his own. 

He and his band expertly navigate these shifts in style with ease, from the 80’s College Pop/Rock of “My Girlfriend Lied” to the swampy Americana of “Terrifying Lies.” They even dip into a bit of Yes-style Art-Rock riffing on “Fall, Fade, Forget.” The soulful rasp of a skilled songwriter and storyteller is the central thread that ties it all together.

Check out “Fractured Poetry” in its entirety below. You can also hear the title track on the Deep Indie Songwriters playlist and the song “My Girlfriend Lied” on the Deep Indie Dive. Follow the links below to connect with Tony Mecca. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this talented and prolific artist.

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