Michael A Bruce Drops A New Rocker

Michael A Bruce Drops A New Rocker 1

Michael A Bruce is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and photographer with an insatiable desire to create art in all its forms. Born in Chicago and raised in the southern Illinois town of Herrin, even as a child he was defiantly unique. Although his distinct individuality was not always favorably received by his peers, the young artist found solace in music. Influenced by his musical uncles, at a very early age he exorcised his angst through Rock & Roll.

Making his debut in 2001 with the EP “Need to Live by What You Know,” he followed in 2006 with the four-song collection “Touch.” That record garnered a local hit for the singer, establishing him in his hometown’s artistic community. Since then he has delivered a string of singles and EPs. After 9 year hiatus, last year Bruce returned with a newfound energy and a slew of new material.

“Running Through Red Lights” is the latest single from Michael A Bruce, released worldwide via Bandcamp on July 19, 2021. Musically the track is a high energy guitar rocker. With a strong 80’s Rock influence the track features a wall of power chords, harmonized lead guitars and an airtight rhythm section. The band features Chad Watson behind the board and playing lead guitar, Joe McMillan on drums and guitar, and Michael on rhythm guitar, bass and lead vocals. The trio rocks out a powerful Pop/Metal groove as the singer delivers a tale of general ennui and confusion resulting from the collapse of a toxic relationship.

It’s just straight-up rock music. I like to describe my sound as being punched in the stomach and at the same time and giving you a kiss on the forehead¬†

Michael A Bruce

The new single is already burning up the local airwaves in southern Illinois. The success has inspired Michael A Bruce to push forward with new material. He is currently working on his first full length release since 2006. Be on the lookout for the album “Attractive by Default” in the coming months. Until then, check out “Running Through Red Lights” and follow the links below to connect with Michael A Bruce. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this multifaceted artist.

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