Das Vintage & The Downbeat Hip-hop Aesthetic

das vintage

With the pen of a poet and a taste for chill downtempo grooves, Das Vintage is making his mark on modern Hip-hop. The enigmatic artist was born Victor Cantu in La Galarza, a small town in Puebla, Mexico. As a child he moved with his family to Charlotte, North Carolina where he still lives today. A lifelong writer and creator, in 2017 Cantu retooled his creative energies toward music and Das Vintage was born. After three years of defining and refining his sound, the artist made his professional debut in 2020.

The full length debut album “Bleeding on the Canvas” introduced the Das Vintage aesthetic of laid-back Jazz inspired vibes and literary rhymes. His songs tap into the raw emotions inherent to real life. In Das Vintage’s music, life and love are multi-dimensional. Joy and pain are not separate feelings existing independently from one another. They are equal, coexisting components of the human condition. The artist cites groundbreaking and provocative rappers J. Cole, Drake, and Big Sean as his primary musical inspirations. As such, he shares with them a substantive writing style. 

It wasn’t until recently that I decided to add more rap into my songs. These three artists set the tone for what rap could be. And I am part of that new generation of rappers.

Das Vintage

Since making his debut, in addition to his album the prolific artist has released the four song EP “Take Me” and a half dozen singles. Working with producers around the globe he has crafted a unique Alt/Hip-hop sound, mixing elements of Trip-hop, Chill-hop and Jazz into a completely new downbeat stew. Over smoky piano lounge grooves, ambient synths and blue guitar riffs he delivers soulful vocals, lyrical rhymes and spoken-word noir poetry.

Das Vintage recently released the single “Fall in Love,” a laid-back R&B break-up slow jam featuring his signature soulful vocals and emotionally complex autobiographical rhymes. The song is just one of a series of new releases he already has ready to go. About the future he says, “I’m not stopping. I have more to grow and more to show. I want to create a community. I want to uplift people. I want to grow.” 

The music of Das Vintage is available on all major streaming services. Follow him on Instagram @Das_Vintage to stay in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this exciting new voice in the world of Hip-hop. 

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