Robert Shrigley Woolf’s New Sci-Fi Experiment

Robert Shrigley Woolf

Robert Shrigley Woolf is a singer, songwriter and musician from North Wales in the United Kingdom. A veteran of numerous musical projects over the past 25 years, in recent months the singer has released a series of solo tracks to SoundCloud and other streaming services, dropping nearly two dozen new songs in less than a year.

“Artificial Intelligence” is one of the newest singles from Robert Shrigley Woolf, released worldwide via Bandcamp on July 2, 2021. Like much of the singer’s latest material the track comes from a science fiction and futurist theme. From the first analog synth notes and ethereal female vocal, the track transports us to a trippy soundscape that pulls inspiration from Psychedelic Pop sounds of the past. 

Once the beat drops the tune kicks into an experimental, avant-garde Electro-Pop vibe reminiscent of visionary artists like Robyn Hitchcock or Pink Floyd’s troubled genius Syd Barret. However, Woolf’s sound is more accessible than that of either artist. As the song progresses it builds into an upbeat Pop groove, culminating in a nice hook in the chorus. Robert cites David Bowie as an inspiration. We can hear the influence of Mr. Stardust throughout the song, particularly during the track’s powerful Art-Rock instrumental bridge.

I was inspired by reading about Science, Science Fiction, Quantum Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Aldous Huxley, The future of Mankind and the Earth Changes.

Robert Shrigley Woolf

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