Cadjano’s Cool Studio Glow Up


Cadjano is a musician, audio engineer and producer from Germany who is not afraid to take on challenging projects. Whether the task is restoring his very own 1981 DMC Delorean (you know, the car from Back to the Future) or building a world class recording studio in his garage from recycled materials, he charges in, head-first with camera in hand. The camera is there so he can share his experiences with fans via his brand new YouTube channel, and it is a great show.

Like the rest of the world, Cadjano found himself with an abundance of free time and nowhere to go during the pandemic. He took the opportunity as a challenge and embarked on his ambitious studio project. A few months ago he published the first episode of what became a 32 episode YouTube series. He walks us through each step of the process; from the installation of the drop ceiling he acquired for free from an out-of-business car dealership to the installation of the studio’s back panel and power source. Every step of the way his hands-on videos show us how one normal guy on a budget was able to turn a dreary garage into a groovy production studio.

Once the studio was completed, Cadjano wasted no time in firing up the flux capacitor and getting down to the business of making music. With the same ‘follow-me’ attitude as his earlier videos, he brings his viewers along for the ride as he creates a brand new song exclusively for YouTube in his “How I Produce My Music” Series. We follow along from composition in Part 1 to the completed track in Part 5. It is a fascinating look over the shoulder of a skilled engineer and talented musician. 

The final product of the process is the soulful R&B/Pop Dance track “When You Scream My Name.” It’s a great tune set to a cool Deep House groove. Listening to the track with the composer after watching each step of its creation is a uniquely and unexpectedly satisfying experience. Cadjano’s channel is informative and a lot of fun. As a host he does a great job of connecting with the audience. Gear heads, DIY enthusiasts, musicians and fans will all find something to love. Check out the latest episode below and dig into Cadjano’s YouTube Channel to see what he will cook up next.

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