Dominick Fields’ Smart New Alt-Pop Debut

dominick fields

Dominick Fields is an independent singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist producer currently based in Minneapolis, MN. A native of the Chicago suburbs, Fields spent his early years honing his skills on numerous musical instruments. While studying to become a landscape architect in college, the talented musician sharpened his chops performing with his band The Fertile Boys.

After graduating, Dominick Fields moved to Dallas to start his career. While there he dove into that city’s famed music scene, frequenting open mic nights in the ├╝ber hip Deep Ellum neighborhood. It was there in Texas that he set out to record his debut album. Performing most of the tracks himself, he split the production between his home studio and Kitchen Studios in Dallas. The end result of that endeavor is the nine song album “Place on the Sun,” released worldwide to all major streaming services on July 9, 2021.

“Out the Door” is the first single from “Place on the Sun.” Born out of quarantine, the track chronicles the emotional decline of the artist as he grows increasingly dissatisfied with the forced downtime of lockdown. Musically the song is a rich mix of Pop hooks, Indie cool and expert musicianship. The track opens with a cool mix of Beatles-esque keys and Beach Boys-style multi-part vocal harmonies.

Fields sings of his general ennui as an upbeat groove kicks in and the song takes on an Alternative Rock singer/songwriter feel. The mix of 60’s and 90’s vibes, along with Dominick’s innate melodic Pop sensibilities, lands his sound somewhere between the lush Pop of Jellyfish and the psychedelic cool of The Flaming Lips. However, he adds an Indie-Rock/Americana feel to create his own distinctive sound.

Check out the “Out The Door” visualizer below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Dominick Fields. Get on his socials and listen to the entire “Place on the Sun” album on your favorite streaming service.

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