Charlie Cope’s New Multi-Genre Americana Jam

Charlie Cope

Charlie Cope is a singer/songwriter from Houston, Texas making his professional solo recording debut in 2021. However, the artist is no newcomer on the scene. He has cut his teeth for years on Texas stages. Famous for his interactive approach and entertaining stage presence, Charlie has made a name for himself in the Lone Star State as an engaging performer whose live shows are immersive experiences. He connects with his audience through comedy and heartache. He’s even been known to write songs on stage from audience suggestions.

“Americana And Whatever’s Left” is the debut album from Charlie Cope, released worldwide to all major streaming services on September 3, 2020. The 14 track record finds the singer blurring the lines between musical genres to create a uniquely Southern collection of heartbreakers, love songs and resurrected memories. Americana is a sound that lives somewhere in the space between Rock, Country and Folk. As implied by the album’s title, Cope pushes the boundaries of that space by veering deeply into each genre and incorporating elements of Blues, Jazz and a healthy dose of jam-band improv.

From the upbeat Southern Rock dueling guitar and fiddle solos of the opening track and single “What About You” to the wistful romantic nostalgia of Country Blues tunes like “Waller County,” Charlie and his band ‘The Other Guys’ slide easily between tradition and experimentation. This is Country music made by musicians who grew up on equal parts Willie Nelson, Allman Brothers and Phish. That sense of musical alchemy exists throughout the record. 

He pairs Muscle Shoals Soul and Tijuana Brass with Country Rock on tracks like “Putting Myself Through.”  Marshall Tucker-style ballads like “Whiskey Ain’t Talkin ” and “Let Me Go Easy” meet extended instrumental jams. And Folky torch songs shift on Beatles-style transitions. Even a traditional Country Waltz like “Skip Goodbye” eventually finds a time signature and tempo change halfway through the song.

The musicianship on Charlie Cope’s “Americana And Whatever’s Left” is impeccable. Virtuosic guitar, mandolin, fiddle solos abound. The band members know exactly which notes not to play on the slower numbers, and they know how to rip when they are freed from the tethers, as on tracks like the wonderfully bluegrass “Breaking Down Never Felt So Good.” That song features lightning fast banjo and mandolin picking alongside a solid two minutes of guitar and fiddle shredding.

Charlie Cope’s debut album “Americana And Whatever’s Left” is an endlessly entertaining Country stew of American music, seasoned by healthy shots of Rock, Soul, Blues, Pop and even a little Jazz. Check out the album in its entirety below. You can also hear “Breaking Down Never Felt So Good ” on the Deep Indie Dive and “Whiskey Ain’t Talking” on the Deep Indie Songwriters playlists. Or listen to the album on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Charlie Cope. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this versatile and talented music.

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