Isaiah Mclaughlin’s Final Bow, For Now

Isaiah Mclaughlin

Since his debut in 2019 with the single “Venom,” Isaiah Mclaughlin has produced a sizable catalog of work. Over the course of two stand-alone singles and five EPs the singer, songwriter and producer has introduced and refined a unique Dark Pop style. The Static Dive has been there listening along as the creative artist’s story unfolded. Now it appears that journey has come to an end, for now.

“Storm” is the brand new six song EP from Isaiah Mclaughlin. In his own signature cryptic style the singer says this one will also be his last, “for the time being.” The record is also the most fully developed realization of his sound. Isaiah’s music is a mix of Dark Pop, Synthwave and EDM. He incorporates each style throughout “Storm” and successfully mixes them with his unique falsetto/tremolo vocal style.

From the adventurous arrangement of the opening track “Veins” to the Industrial experimentation of the title track, the new EP “Storm” finds Isaiah Mclaughlin more confident in his vibe and more willing to branch out. He wields analog synths, driving House beats and melodic choral vocal samples as the brushes in his palette. He drops hard EDM rhythms on tracks like “Devotion.” On the New Wave groove of “Pain,” and throughout the record, he nods to his two biggest influences; Prince and Michael Jackson. However Isaiah’s style is more abstract than either of them. His hypnotic vocals are the thread that ties all six tracks together.

Check out “Storm” below. You can hear the song “You Are” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist, or listen to the entire EP on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Isaiah Mclaughlin. Get on his socials and dig into his definitive collection of music.

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