Pulsar Radio’s New Interstellar Voyage

pulsar radio

Pulsar Radio is the brand new Space Rock project from LA-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist producer N8 Curtis. The multifaceted artist spent the last few years drumming on stage and in the studio with a number of popular and widely diverse bands. From the Surf Rock of Red Elvises to the Goth Metal of Christian Death, Curtis has covered the gamut of modern Rock & Roll subgenres. However, when it came time to create his solo project he landed on a Psychedelic sound inspired by Alternative and Classic Rock heroes of the genre like Radiohead, Pink Floyd, David Bowie and Bad Religion.

“Sea of Dreams” is the debut single from Pulsar Radio, released worldwide to Spotify and YouTube. The song opens on a guitar and vocal intro that pair an Indie Rock aesthetic with N8’s soulful lead vocals. That vibe of edgy Rock and Pop sensibilities persists throughout the track. However, as the song progresses layers of fuzz guitar and a driving beat reinforce the band’s deep space premise and bring to mind early Floyd classics like ‘Astronomy Domine.’ There is also a really nice guitar solo in the bridge. Meanwhile, N8 sings a mournful tale of his lost love set somewhere out to sea. 

Check out “Sea of Dreams” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. The song will be available on all major streaming services in the coming days. It is the first single from Pulsar Radio’s forthcoming debut EP ‘Interstellar Sunday.’ Follow the links below to connect with the band and get in the loop on all of the great space music to come from the talented Mr. Curtis. 

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