egodeath’s New Hyperpop Gucci Shoes


egodeath is an emerging experimental artist and producer from Nebraska. The 20 year-old creator has been making beats for a few years. However only recently began adding vocals and releasing music as a solo artist, specializing in the niche Hyperpop and Hyperpunk genres. According to Wikipedia, “Hyperpop reflects an exaggerated, eclectic, and self-referential approach to pop music and typically employs elements such as brash synth melodies, Auto-Tuned “earworm” vocals, and excessive compression and distortion.“

“bury me in my gucci shoes” is the latest single from egodeath, released worldwide to SoundCloud on September 14, 2021. Tailscreations! X BlueboiK produced the hard Hyperpop track. A heavy, overdriven analog synth opens the song and remains the primary melodic instrument throughout. A hard EDM Bass beat drives the tune forward as the singer enters the mix with a heavily modulated freestyle melodic rap. It’s a wildly creative sound straight from the cutting edge of avant-garde Pop.

The genre of this song isn’t for everybody, some might like it, some might hate it, but at least listen with an open mind.


Check out “bury me in my gucci shoes” below. And follow the links below the audio to connect with egodeath. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the music to come from this exciting artist.