Chil Chil’s Inspiring New Video “If U Can”

chil chil

Chil Chil is an independent Hip-hop artist originally from California who now splits his time between Atlanta, Georgia and the West Coast. A veteran of studio and stage, the rapper has built a career as he says, “From the bottom to beyond.” In his latest single and video he tells the tale of his journey so far.

“If You Can ” is the brand new single and video from Chil Chil, released worldwide to YouTube on June 20, 2021. The song rides on an old-school R&B track featuring piano, horns, guitar and a freeform Jazz drum track. As that wild instrumental rolls on, Chil Chil delivers a mellow freestyle rap, recounting the trials and tribulations he has been through in his life and career. He tells of the life lessons he’s learned, difficult defeats and hard fought victories.

The film intersperses present day shots of Chil Chil with archival footage of personal videos and images. We see him enjoying the height of success on stage and even shots in the studio with the legendary Dr. Dre. We see the lows as well, including scenes from behind prison walls. Throughout the track the rapper delivers real-world knowledge and motivational advice to young up and coming artists. It is a powerful story of a man who is living his best life after seeing the worst.

I wanna thank my momma Poochie, my grandma Vicky as well as my grandpa Mr. B. I would also like to give thanks to the whole LEGENDLIFE x SuRFCLUB Wave Gods Team. 

Chil Chil

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