Speedy Justice Whistles Past the Graveyard

speedy justice

An interesting new project came across my desk this week. ‘Speedy Justice Music’ is a brand new record from the Weather Worn Ltd. record label, created with a decidedly specific audience in mind. The label has produced an immersive audio project intended to promote wellness for people with emotional problems. They do so by meeting people where they are, holding a musical mirror up to their extreme thoughts and emotions in an attempt to bond with them in that space.

“Speedy Justice – Obituary” is the new album from the project, released worldwide to all major streaming services on October 19, 2021. The record is a 35 track album that dives into the darkest corners of the mind in hopes of finding lost souls there, and letting them know that they are not alone.

Taken in its entirety the record is a difficult and sometimes traumatic journey. However, a casual listen is not how it is intended to be experienced. With titles like “Panic Attack” and “Cancer,” each track has a specifically targeted audience in mind.

Stylistically the album runs the gamut of musical genres, from the Industrial noise of the introductory “Alzheimer’s” to the quirky experimental Electro Pop of tracks like “Yeah.” Upbeat dance grooves are paired with indecipherable vocal samples. Ambient synths meet abrupt Heavy Metal transitions and Hans Zimmer-style electronic Classical music gives way to Lo-fi Punk. It’s a fascinating piece of work.

Speedy Justice Music is an attempt to console those people who have a difficult time with their emotions. It is for those who can’t put ill feelings into words.

Speedy Justice Music

With slogans like “The world’s most annoying Public Service Announcement,” the folks at Weather Worn are well aware that Speedy Justice Music is not for everyone. It is for the newly disabled person grieving the loss of their usual freedom and abilities. It’s for those grieving death who cannot process the pain. The album is here to help the lost find their way back to some sense of normalcy.

Check out “Speedy Justice – Obituary” here, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Click the links below to connect with Weather Worn Ltd. Follow them on Facebook and elsewhere. If you or someone you love is experiencing extreme emotional trauma, please seek professional help. Along with proper counselling, Speedy Justice may help find a pathway to wellness for those unable to navigate there on their own.

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