Mouna Tahar – Lost In My Mind

mouna tahar

Mouna Tahar is a singer, songwriter, photographer and Creative Director based in Toronto and Chicago. Although 2021 marks the launch of her solo recording career, her official entry into the Pop music industry comes after years of training and performance in Classical music. Trained as a flautist since the age of 8, Tahar began composing orchestral music when she was just 14 years old.

“Lost in My Mind” is the debut single and video from Mouna Tahar, released worldwide to all major streaming services on October 31, 2021. Years in the making, Mouna composed the piece in 2016, recorded it in 2018 and spent the spent the time since perfecting its accompanying video. The song finds the singer alone at her piano, ruminating about past memories and the current state of her own mind.

As the track progresses, a gorgeous string ensemble joins the mix creating rich acoustic layers of harmony. Mouna Tahar sings a moving and sorrowful tale of love and loss. She mourns the death of loved ones, and of love itself. All the while seeking an escape from, “a mind that’s been shrouded by fear.” Although deeply personal, the song has a universally relatable heartbeat of raw human emotion.

Watch the stunning “Lost in My Mind” video below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Songwriters playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Mouna Tahar. Get on her socials and join her on this new musical journey.

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