CRAWL’s Wild New Genre-Tripping Moment


CRAWL is a world-traveling experimental electronic composer and producer currently based in the United States. He launched his career in 2015 on SoundCloud and made his wide-distribution solo professional recording debut in 2018 with the single “Only.” That track introduced a wildly creative artist with an adventurous genre-fluid  sound mixing elements of EDM, Pop and Alternative.

In the relatively short time since dropping that first track the prolific creator has produced a remarkable volume of work including seven singles, two EPs and three full length albums. Sometimes working with vocalists and sometimes instrumental, his sound mixes Dream Pop vibes with Ambient moods and Synthwave tones with Deep House beats.

“The Moment” is the latest single from CRAWL, released worldwide to all major streaming services on November 26, 2021. Ambient synths and random electronic blips introduce the track. A female vocalist enters the mix with an immediately memorable Pop melody as a four-on-the-floor beat ushers in the verse. The singer looks up from rock bottom at that ‘moment’ when they are forced to face the day ahead.

As the song progresses, a rich mix of analog and electronic instruments blend together to create a broad horizon of sound. The solo vocalist is ultimately joined by a cathedral choir of voices until that ethereal space gives way to hard and funky Glitch/Trip-hop beat. The track passes back and forth through these phases like waves. It’s a fantastic vibe as CRAWL delivers us into his unique multi-genre world of sound for 6:50. 

Check out “The Moment” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Chill playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with CRAWL. Get on his socials and dig into his distinctively cool sound.


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