Shaadoh Session Drops Her Impressive Debut LP

shaadoh session

Shaadoh Session is an up and coming R&B/Soul artist, originally from Jacksonville and now living in Clearwater, Florida. The mother of two began her professional musical career last year when she was signed to Risky Bizness Entertainment after being discovered by label CEO Alfonsa Riley. 

Although she only recently made her debut, Shaadoh Session’s musical journey began years earlier. She was already composing and performing her own music by the age of eight years old. The young singer grew up in a musical house. She learned about music and the music business from her mother Candee, who is also a professional singer.

In March of 2020 she dropped her debut single “Ride For U.” The song mixed a deep 80’s Jazz/Soul feel with a sultry downtempo R&B beat to introduce a soulful singer and talented songwriter. The steamy slow jam “S.W.B.Y.” followed with plenty of classic R&B vibes. The song’s title is an acronym of the words ‘sex will be yours.’ Hip-hop duo Pretti Emage join Shaadoh Session with some equally sexy rhymes.

The hit single has found hundreds of thousands of fans across multiple platforms. Riding high on the success of that song and its corresponding video, Shaadoh Session delivers her debut full length album. The self-titled 10 song collection is a great showcase for this deeply talented and versatile singer.

Through the course of the record, Shaadoh Session flows smoothly from R&B love songs to Pop bops and Hip-hop jams. The record opens on “S.W.B.Y.” and then follows with three soulful R&B ballads. The hypnotic “Tell Me” highlights the singer’s wide range with layers of impeccable multi-part harmonies. “Ride For U” and “Number 1 Fan” are next. The latter introduces some creative production with flashes of electronic Latin percussion.

“Ben Frank” brings some psychedelic vibes to the album. Trippy backward recordings and ambient synths float on the edge of the mix as Shaadoh drops Soul with attitude and touch of Rap over a smooth Caribbean Trap groove. The slow jam “Save Me” continues the genre-bending with a classic West Coast lowrider groove. “Duval ” is a real high point. The track rolls on a great Glitch-hop beat with some funky Nu-Jazz accompaniment while Shaadoh Session delivers a fun shoutout to her hometown.

“Over You” features a cool mix of styles as a shuffling rhythm gives the track a New Orleans vibe. Shaadoh Session closes the record with two powerhouse performances on the sexy Trap grooves “Catwalk” and “Electric.” She delivers a full range of soul, style and technique with powerful leads and lush ethereal harmonies.

Shaadoh Session’s eponymous new album is an impressive debut from a talented singer and songwriter. Check out the “S.W.B.Y” video below or listen to the whole album your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the songs “Duval” and “S.W.B.Y” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Shaadoh Session. Get on her socials and get in the loop on all of the music to come from this exciting new voice in R&B.

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