Les Fradkin’s New ‘The Cross In The Sky’

les fradkin

Les Fradkin is a true Rock & Roll veteran. The New York City native grew up in the early 1960’s. Inspired by the British Invasion and West Coast Surf Rock of the time he picked up the guitar at ten years old and never looked back. A storied musical career would follow. 

In the subsequent decades Les Fradkin would work as a professional songwriter, session musician and producer in studios from New York to London. He would ink deals with major labels like RCA records and MGM. He wrote hit songs for artists around the world and played guitar with a number of high-profile bands, including one of his childhood heroes The Ventures. He was even a member of the famed “Beatlemania” production and for two years performed on Broadway as George Harrison.

As an artist and producer, Les Fredkin has always been a fan of technological innovations in music. He was an early adopter of MIDI and on the cutting edge of the streaming revolution. Over the past two decades he has released volumes of work as a solo artist. On his latest album he revisits some of the highlights of his career while keeping an eye on an ever brighter future.

“The Cross in the Sky” is the latest album from Les Fradkin, released worldwide to all major streaming services on November 12, 2021. On the 9 song collection the musician offers new versions of some of his most successful singles and personal favorites. This is not a greatest hits compilation, however. Les recorded new versions of select tunes from across a rich history with a focus on his devout Christian faith.

“Under the Covers” is the current single from “The Cross in the Sky.” With a sound that lands somewhere between Elvis Costello and The Birds, Les delivers a bit of classic jangly guitar Pop/Rock. He sings a love song to humanity from God’s perspective. Layers of multi-part vocal harmonies buoy the singer as he delivers his biblically inspired bop.

Throughout the album Les Fradkin mixes the sounds of Classic Rock and Bubblegum Pop with themes of faith and worship. From the Prog Rock of “Magic Attic” to the Gospel vibes of “Jesus Can Save,” he wears his history, influences and faith on his sleeve. The result is a masterfully executed and undeniably sincere emotional Rock & Roll that will strike a chord with fans of all stripes.

Check out “The Cross in the Sky” below, listen on your favorite streaming service or buy your own copy at Bandcamp. You can also hear the single “Under the Covers (New Version)” on the Deep Indie Songwriters playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Les Fradkin and dig into a voluminous musical history.

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