Kassius With A Kay – The Storyteller, Vol 1

kassius with a kay

Kassius With A Kay is a fast emerging Hip-hop artist from the city of Manchester in the United Kingdom. With over a decade of experience working on his own material and as a collaborator, the conscious British rap artist has made a name for himself in the international Hip-hop community.

The rapper made his professional solo recording debut as ‘Kassius With A Kay’ in February of this year with the release of his debut album “The Storyteller, Vol 1.” The 11 track collection introduced a thought-provoking emcee who is not afraid to tackle difficult, complex and controversial subjects like addiction, mental health and religion.

“Intro” is the current single and opening track from “The Storyteller, Vol 1” with a brand new video released worldwide to YouTube on December 3, 2021. The ‘LH Instrumentals’ produced beat rides on a downtempo Boombap groove paired with an emotional and melodic guitar/bass instrumental. Over that mellow track, Kassius With A Kay delivers a powerful testimony about his own struggles with mental illness and addiction. He tells his tale in an impressive chopping rap style, at times reminiscent of the great Busta Rhymes.

On the track Kassius recounts his many struggles over the years with mental health and substance abuse issues. It is the tale of a young artist whose success is repeatedly threatened by his own addictions. The journey is a complicated one. With references to his demons ‘dancing with the devil,’ he recalls first denying and then embracing his faith in God as he tries to find his way. The song is also in many ways a message to young artists coming up. The rapper warns them not to be seduced by the trappings of fame and fortune.

Check out the video for “Intro” below. You can download the entire “The Storyteller, Vol 1” album at Bandcamp. Follow the links below to connect with Kassius With A Kay. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the music to come from this talented and unique voice in Hip-hop.

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