Mr. MiLK & The New Lo-Fi Jazz-Hop Aesthetic

mr. milk

Mr. MiLK is the professional name of composer and multi-instrumentalist musician Noah Mills. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, at just 17 years-old he has already produced an impressive catalog of work. In just the past year the remarkably prolific artist has released nine full length albums. He got his start at 12 when he began playing double bass in his school orchestra. From there the talented young musician added guitar, cello, drums and keys to his repertoire.

The music of Mr. MiLK is a wild mix of Experimental Electronic, Trip-hop, Nu Jazz and Lo-fi Hip-hop. He performs all of the instrumental tracks himself and then cuts it up in FL Studio. With the exception of an occasional guest vocalist Noah performed, mixed and mastered every note on every album.

“Baby Baby” is the current single from Mr. MiLK’s latest album “Acquainted Karaoke,” released worldwide to all major streaming services on November 25, 2021. The track opens on a freeform Jazz snare roll drum groove. That beat functions as the heartbeat throughout this cool Lo-fi avant-garde track. A minimalist but funky bass line drops sporadically in and out of the mix while random guitar and synth samples paint the periphery. Meanwhile guest vocalist Tali Burton delivers a sultry meditation as she riffs on the theme “I’m not your baby, baby.” 

There are 11 tracks in total on “Acquainted Karaoke,” and each brings its own twist on Mr. MiLK’s timeless and hypnotic sound. The record feels like a live recording from some ultra-hip retro-future Beat poetry Jazz club. With a defiantly unique and adventurous compositional style Noah has created a sound that defies categorization yet is infinitely listenable. That would be an impressive accomplishment for an artist of any age. At 17, he’s just getting started. It will be fun to watch where he goes with it next.

Check out “Baby Baby” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist, or listen to the entire “Acquainted Karaoke” album on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Mr. MiLK. Get on his socials and join him on his musical journey.

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