Zyraqq Drops New Video On His 15th Birthday


Zyraqq is an up and coming independent Hip-hop artist who made his professional solo recording debut earlier this year. Since dropping his first song “Story Time” in February, the prolific rapper has delivered a steady string of new material including the tracks “The Pastor,” “Letter To You 2,” “Lost Boy” and many more.

That volume of work would be a significant accomplishment for any artist. The fact that Zyraqq did it all when he was just 14 years-old makes it all that much more impressive. Now the hard working young rapper has a brand new video to add to his resume.

“Soul Seekin” is the latest single and video from Zyraqq, released worldwide to YouTube on the artist’s 15th birthday, December 8, 2021. The track opens on a dramatic piano and guitar intro. That minor-key progression continues as the beat drops on a hard Trap groove. Police sirens howl in the distance.

In the video we see the young rapper in an outdoor scene with his crew. Psychedelic background vocals spin in the periphery and deep 808 bass hits bounce as he delivers stories from the neighborhood. He raps about his violent surroundings and his struggle to rise above the haters and gang bangers trying to take him down.

Check out the “Soul Seekin” video below. You can also hear Zyraqq’s song “The Pastor” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Check out all of his music on your favorite streaming service.

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