Indie Authors Have A New Anthem, And Help

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The folks at Indie Author Resources (IndieAuthorResources.com) have released a new song and video in honor of the many Indie Authors out there trying to get their books into the hands of readers. Like Indie musicians, Indie Authors are those that have chosen to take matters into their own hands. 

Once an author has completed a manuscript, they have one of two choices. They can try and land a contract with a publisher, or they can go it alone and publish the book themselves. Each path has its own challenges. Choosing the former is to willfully enter a world of query letters, uncertainty and rejection. By choosing the latter, an author becomes the publishing house and inherits all of the risk and expense that come along with it. IndieAuthorResources.com is here to help.

“The Indie Authors’ Anthem” is the new single and video from IndieAuthorResources.com. The track rides on a funky Alt-Pop vibe with a nice Caribbean rhythmic flare. As that mellow groove rolls on, a female vocalist sings soulful and inspirational words of encouragement to all of the struggling authors out there.

This song is about the journey, the struggles, and the accomplishments of being an Indie Author.


IndieAuthorResources.com provide the tips, tricks, and necessary information that you might need to go from unpublished to self-published. Their website offers well-researched, tried, and tested information about writing, publishing, marketing, finding an editor and much more. Follow the links below to connect and find some help achieving your dreams.

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