Malcolm Payton – More Than Perfect

malcolm payton

Malcolm Payton is a multi-talented multi-instrumental musician from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. After a lifetime of music making, in 2021 he launched a new phase of his creative career as a composer and producer at 49 years-old. Since then he has quickly made up for lost time, delivering a remarkable volume of music in less than a year. He made his debut with the aptly titled four-song EP “Transition.” He followed with three singles and now a full length album. 

“More Than Perfect ” is the debut full-length album from Malcolm Payton, released worldwide to all major streaming services on October 14, 2021. The 12 song collection is a smooth ride through classic Jazz-infused R&B, Pop and Soul music. 

The record opens on the jazzy guitar and bass intro of “Deep in Love.” Soon the beat drops and vocalist Erik Wanjine delivers a simple and soulful love song. “Try” follows with a great 90’s R&B/Pop groove. Rhythmic guitar arpeggios and keys ride a chill mid-tempo pop beat.

Throughout the album Malcolm Payton works with a series of singer/songwriters. Monlee Mane delivers some clever and rhythmic wordplay over a cool shuffling groove on “What You Do To Me.” “Running” follows with a sultry female vocal and some cool guitar/bass interplay. Malcolm’s virtuosic guitar is the smooth and soulful thread that runs through the record.

Erick Wanjine lends his impeccable harmonies to “Drip,” a chill R&B tune with Hip-hop vibes. “Finally Free” is a real highpoint as vocalist Meryl Paige sings an empowering and soulful declaration of independence over a cool Latin groove. “Are & Be” follows. Malcolm Payton and M.W. Bennett deliver a bit of Gil-Scott Heron style Jazz/Hip-hop poetry.

“Every Time” takes a turn into Pop territory as Monlee Mane sings a touching and catchy love song. The record closes on a quartet of R&B slow jams and breakup songs from Mane and singer Roxiie Reese. The two deliver a heartbreaker of a breakup duet on “Drifting Away.” Reese responds with the soulful soliloquy, “Gave My Love.” She sings the wistful and regretful relationship post mortem over a chill organic R&B jam.

“Good Man” sings the praises of a a man who is getting the job done, working hard to support his family. Once again Monlee drops impeccable harmonies over a rich tapestry of guitars, keys and bass riding a modern Trap-inspired beat. The album’s title track closes out the set with a fabulous and nuanced performance from Roxiie Reese. She weaves layers of harmonies as Malcolm Payton lays down his signature Jazz-fueled soul on a mellow Pop groove.

Check out “More Than Perfect” in its entirety below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the song “Drifting Away” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist and the track “Every Time” on the Deep Indie Dive. Follow the links below to connect with Malcolm Payton. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the music to come from this multifaceted musician. 

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