Waldo On The Wall – New Book, Music & Movie

waldo on the wall

“Waldo On The Wall” is the creation of visual artist, musician, and world renowned designer Bill Shook. Among his many creative endeavors, Mr. Shook is a cartoonist and has worked in that medium since the 1980’s. Over the years his “Waldo On The Wall” characters have become very popular. The artist is now publishing a book which compiles selected scenes from the comic strip’s history with brand new material.

The comic series is a satire about everyday life. The titular character, Waldo makes observations about society, culture and world events. He is often insensitive and gets in trouble by his ‘off the wall’ comments. He and his compatriots explore a broad range of topics like friendship, science and finding beauty in ordinary things. Now that Waldo has taken the leap from newspapers to the publishing house, he is ready for the next phase of his evolution. Soon, Waldo and his friends will have their own animated movie.

To introduce the upcoming film, Bill Shook is releasing a series of songs from the soundtrack as singles. First came the emotional ballad “I Know,” sung by Oliviya, one of Europe’s top “The Voice” finalists. Told from Waldo’s perspective and accompanied only by a piano and her own impeccable harmonies, the singer delivers a beautiful performance.

“Shadow Cat” is the current single from the “Waldo On The Wall” project. the song delivers the first person narrative of Waldo’s cat ‘Shadow Cat.’ An ensemble of piano, bass and drums meets a lush mix of strings and percussive synth arpeggios. Meanwhile Oliviya sings and purrs exactly the sort of obsessive devotion one would expect from a pet.

Check out “Shadow Cat” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist.  Follow the links below to connect with Bill Shook and his Waldo On the Wall project. Get on his socials and stay in the loop. 

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