SQ – New Songs For Sad Boi Season


SQ is the professional name of Ronique Neil, a new emerging artist from London, United Kingdom. With a sound that combines Trap beats, Pop hooks and melodic rhymes the young artist made his debut in 2021 with three singles released to SoundCloud. The prolific songwriter enters the new year with a whole new collection of tunes.

Citing legendary Pop/Hip-hop artists like Michael Jackson, Juice WRLD and Drake as his primary influences, he writes emotional downtempo music. As a young artist finding his way in an often unforgiving world, the singer channels his observations and feelings through his songs. He sings of his struggle to understand himself and those around him.

I need a way to vent and express myself in a positive way.


On January 1, 2022, he dropped four brand new tracks to SoundCloud. The set opens with the unapologetic, “Fuck Love.” On the track the singer delivers a musical F-U to his ex. The song’s hard lyrics are countered by an emotional Indie Pop guitar track riding a laid-back Trap beat.

The melancholy Emo Trap “Blue Moon” follows. A mellow minor key guitar progression accompanies the singer as he sings of suicidal thoughts and ‘sad boi season.’ “Get Rid” continues some of those lyrical themes over a nice mix of acoustic guitar and strings. SQ sings of getting rid of his emotions and starting over.

The set closes with “Wrong.” A dark Alternative Rock guitar picks and strums over a deep rumbling bass and a hard Trap beat. Meanwhile SQ sings and raps about troubles with drink, drugs, family and friends. He looks back wistfully, wondering where it all went wrong.

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