Madda Brike’s Hypnotic Elemental

madda brike
Original artwork by Laura Mayer

Madda Brike is the professional name of composer and multi-instrumentalist electronic music producer, Michael Schwaiger. The German artist made his professional solo recording debut in 2021 with a series of experimental singles. The tracks introduced a deeply talented and wildly creative creator with a sound that defies easy classification.

In his music, Madda Brike weaves analog and electronic instruments together in a rich and rhythmic tapestry of sound. EDM beats and bass lines create chill grooves as guitars, keys and acoustic percussive instruments spin in polyrhythmic arpeggios throughout the mix. The sound reflects the process. When composing, Schwaiger finds inspiration by jamming on guitar and piano over his own self-made electronic loops. As a result, his music is a product of both robotic automation and organic improvisation.

“Elemental” is the debut double single from Madda Brike, released worldwide to all major streaming services on June 25, 2021. The EP introduces the artist’s unique hybrid sound with two variations on a theme.┬áThe record opens on “Elefunktro.” Rhythmic guitar arpeggios introduce the track. Soon an organ and electric bass enter the mix. The three instruments create a hypnotic and melodic vibe as they jam on a four chord progression. Meanwhile the song’s downtempo beat shifts freely between real and electronic drums. The song is paired with a Ralf Jungnickel directed video that juxtaposes images of nature and technology in a cool psychedelic mix.

“Elefunken” follows with a more subdued feel. Once again we find a mix of analog and electronic. However, as this downtempo piece maneuvers the familiar musical foundation, Madda Brike dives deeper into some experimental EDM sounds. Elements of Trance, House and Dubstep come together for a unique Trip-hop vibe. The song’s video further explores trippy scenes of plants animals and insects finding space in the modern world.

Check out the “Elemental” videos below. You can also hear both songs on the Deep Indie Chill playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Madda Brike. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the music to come from this exciting producer.

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